The Virtual Nigeria Internet Governance Forum (vNIGF) will hold online in English language. Participants can join the meeting in three (3) ways:

A. Connect via Zoom

Registration is required to attend the event, participants will receive:

  • A confirmation email upon registration
  • Prior to the event – an email with details on how to join the call via zoom will be sent 
  • The zoom call can be joined via your web browser or via the zoom app, which can be downloaded from here (Download Here)

B. Connect via the website

  • Go to the Virtual Website (Website) and log in
  • Navigate to the streaming menu and click to join the meeting

C. Connect via Youtube

  • Go to the NIGF YouTube page (Youtube) and join the session. 

The meeting will also support real-time captioning.

Additional Guidelines

  1. The NIGF Zoom link will open 30 minutes prior to the session’s commencement. This is to allow ease of connectivity for participants. Sessions will start at the time indicated in the schedule. (We recommend accessing the meeting page before the Virtual Nigeria Internet Governance Forum (vNIGF) to familiarize with the platform.)
  2. If you are joining the meeting via zoom and you are not comfortable using the Zoom installer app, you can join  the virtual meeting room from the browser at (Zoom)
  3. Kindly use the name you used to register for the NIGF when joining the virtual meeting: (if not sure, do a name check at () For example: ‘Afi Edoh’
  4. State your full name: When you join the meeting room, do not forget to please log in with your full name so that participants know who you are. If you do not identify with your full name, you risk being removed from the room. (Kindly understand that this is an essential security measure.)
  5. Once you join the virtual room and the session is underway, you can request the floor by clicking the ‘raise hand’ icon (By default, you will automatically be muted as you join the virtual meeting room. You will be unmuted by the moderator when you have been given the floor.)
  6. State your name and your organization/affiliation when taking the floor.
  7. Questions and contributions can be made from the chat rooms & Q & A section on the platform. (Platforms will be closely monitored by the remote moderator.) Chat rooms will be disabled during sessions, this is to enable participants focus on the ongoing session and Questions and contributions can be made via the Q & A section.
  8. Please do not share the meeting links: We will be closely monitoring the virtual meeting rooms to ensure that no unauthorized person joins. We, therefore, ask you not to share meeting links, not even with your colleagues. (This is an essential security measure.)
  9. Multiple devices: We recommend NOT logging in with 2 different devices. If you are planning to dial in by phone, please join earlier and let the studio host know your name.